About Clif Bar

Clif Bar was born on a one-day, 175-mile bike ride. Forever to be known as The Epiphany Ride – an exhausted and hungry Gary Erickson realizes he can’t choke down another unappetizing energy bar. The idea for a better tasting bar is born!

In addition to its signature original CLIF Bar, the company produces a variety of energy bars tailored to women, children, and other markets, a sports drink, and fruit-based items such as fruit ropes. All products use organic ingredients. Seventy percent of the company's purchased ingredients are certified organic.

At Clif we’re guided by our values – we call them our Aspirations. Like striving to create a healthy and sustainable food system. Ensuring our brands and business are healthy so that we can do more good. And caring about the people, places, and communities we touch.

Sustaining our business

Building a healthy, resilient company means that we can invest in the long term, be a catalyst for change, and do more good in the world.

Sustaining our brands

Creating brands with integrity, quality, and authenticity means crafting good food from sustainably sourced ingredients.

Sustaining our people

Being family- and employee-owned means taking care of our people, working side by side, and encouraging each other. Our company is our people.

Sustaining our communities

Promoting and supporting sustainable communities both locally and globally means making a difference where we work, source, and play.

Sustaining the planet

Conserving and restoring our natural resources means growing a business that operates in harmony with the laws of nature.